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  1. Rationality Is Not Systematized Winning

    Authors Note: I said in my previous post that the next would be about systems to build common knowledge. That post is running very much behind schedule, so I'll be publishing others in the meantime.

    “Do not ask whether it is “the Way” to do this or that. Ask whether …

  2. Facebook, The Rodents, and The Common Knowledge Machine

    The dark magicians at Facebook have cast a hex on the rationalist community.

    Their hex is not the only hex, and it is not necessarily the hex of most consequence. It is however one of the more obvious, legible, and objectively harmful instances of witchcraft. This post is about how …

  3. Eliezer Yudkowsky vs. The Sequences

    There's a certain grand irony to the whole thing. Eliezer writes this sprawling intellectual epic called The Sequences that puts a moral spin on General Semantics, Popperian Science, Behavioral Economics, Evolutionary Psychology, Bayesian Statistics, putting it all together into one cohesive worldview concluding that the world is about to be …