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  1. "Memento Mori", Said The Confessor

    Ten years ago Eliezer Yudkowsky wrote a post about cryonics where he was baffled by the fact that most young cryonicists heard about the concept and then decided to sign up. There was no extended questioning, no sales pitch, young (future) cryonics patients were simply exposed to the concept of …

  2. Slack Club


    This cynical advice on military leadership dates back to the world wars:

    Those who are clever and industrious I appoint to the General Staff. Use can under certain circumstances be made of those who are stupid and lazy. The man who is clever and lazy qualifies for the highest …
  3. Rationality Is Not Systematized Winning

    Authors Note: I said in my previous post that the next would be about systems to build common knowledge. That post is running very much behind schedule, so I'll be publishing others in the meantime.

    “Do not ask whether it is “the Way” to do this or that. Ask whether …

  4. Facebook, The Rodents, and The Common Knowledge Machine

    The dark magicians at Facebook have cast a hex on the rationalist community.

    Their hex is not the only hex, and it is not necessarily the hex of most consequence. It is however one of the more obvious, legible, and objectively harmful instances of witchcraft. This post is about how …